Cutting diamonds

The Hearts On Fire Difference

Our Craft

The best diamonds in the world deserve to be worked on by the best hands and under the best process – guaranteeing that YOU receive a perfectly cut diamond each and every time. That’s why our master craftsmen are the best of the best, artisans as rare as the diamonds themselves.

Currently, there are less than 400 people in the world who are qualified to create a Hearts On Fire diamond.

These skilled craftsmen then uphold the highest quality of diamond creation, leveraging cutting-edge anti-vibration technology and a scientific diamond-cutting formula that is unknown to anyone else in the world.  In addition, while most manufacturers use a 10X magnification process, Hearts On Fire artisans craft our diamonds at 100X magnification, using unique imaging software that results in a perfect mirror polish. That's 10 times the global industry standard.

Did you know that when diamonds are cut and polished to perfection, they are capable of displaying a breathtaking dance of light? That’s because diamonds are capable of achieving the highest level of polish, known as adamantine – but only if they are crafted in the most perfect way. When a diamond has perfect proportions, perfect symmetry, perfect alignment and perfect polish, a natural phenomenon of light is created. This unique and extremely rare display of sparkle is the easiest way to differentiate a Hearts On Fire diamond.

That is why our diamonds require a cutting process that combines mathematics and science in a formula unknown to anyone else in the industry. That is why our artisans take four times as long to cut and polish our diamonds with a mirror finish, taking the time to create a brilliant, breathtaking work of art.

Due to this exclusive process, the brilliance of a Hearts On Fire diamond is like no other. Even in candlelit settings, Hearts On Fire diamonds can be seen dancing from across a room, which is why it is referred to by many as the “Ten Table Diamond.”